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2015 Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase



  1. The OSA Published Rules on Discipline at Tournaments will apply with the following exception:
    Discipline authority is delegated for player misconduct only. Any misconduct reports for coaches, other team officials or game officials shall be submitted to PHSA within 3 days of the tournament completion
  2. Standard OSA penalties for player misconduct will apply in all Tournaments and Tournament Discipline Rules must comply with the requirements. (NOTE: This is the same as in Ontario Cup Tournament Rounds – See Table 1 attached)
  3. Unserved games will be transferred to league play by PHSA. Any player wishing to request a hearing (DBH) for the unserved games must submit a request before the end of the following week for a Discipline Hearing at PHSA.


  • Standard OSA penalties for Player Misconduct will apply
  • Tournament Discipline is done by DBR unless a Hearing is requested
  • Player suspension will be transferred to league play by PHSA


  1. PHSA will convene a Discipline Hearing for all Special Incident Reports and Dismissal reports for Coaches, other Team Officials and Game Officials. Reports involving individuals from other Districts, Provinces or Countries will be forwarded by PHSA to the appropriate authority, as required.

    PHSA will use Discipline by Review on all Dismissal Reports for Players who were unable to serve the full Mandatory Minimum sentence at the Tournament. PHSA will advise the player’s club and regular league of any additional suspension imposed as a result of the Tournament discipline carryover.

  2. In the event (based on reports which it reviews) the PHSA Discipline Review Committee determines that additional misconduct has occurred or that a Serious Foul Play or Violent Conduct misconduct warrants more than the mandatory suspension, it shall advise the Player by way of a Discipline Hearing Notice that additional charges have been laid and a Hearing has been scheduled.


  1. Upon acceptance, the team's entry fee is non-refundable. If your team is accepted and later withdraws, the entry fee is non-refundable.

  2. Once accepted into the Umbro Top Rated Showcase, teams and players are not permitted to participate in any other soccer events (exhibition games, friendly games, tournaments, player ID combines or camps or any other soccer related activities involving your players or teams) during the showcase weekend outside of the Umbro Tope Rated Showcase.

    If teams are found out to participate in such events, they run the risk of forfeiting this entry fee and dismissal from the event without refund.


  1. All international teams and teams from outside Ontario shall supply   proof of accident/injury/illness medical insurance to the Tournament Host, no later than seven days prior to the first day of the tournament.  Failure to comply will disqualify the team from participating in the tournament.

  2. An international team or a team applying to play-in from outside the Province of Ontario, must provide the Host Club with:

    (i) a certificate signed by a Club Official in a form acceptable to the District which certifies that the Club has verified that all players have been insured against accident/injury/illness medical insurance issued by a duly authorized company operating within Ontario or within the Club’s local jurisdiction in connection with the competition; or

    (ii) a Certificate of Insurance that certifies that the Club has been insured by a duly authorized insurance company operating in the Club’s jurisdiction against any travel risks or perils, or against any claim concerning accident/injury/illness medical liability from or in respect of any player with the competition

Note: Clubs that host any competition involving an international or out of Province team, must satisfy the District that the team has provided acceptable proof of insurance or any such team will not be granted playing-in permission from the District.

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